ethical leadership

We promote awareness, evidence-based decisions, public trust, and good stewardship of resources by advocating for an understanding of data and responsible standards.

social responsibility

Technology must be coupled with knowledge and integrity to avoid risk of misuse. In the right hands, information can level playing fields, promote positive change, and empower.

embraced diversity

Innovation, progress, and community thrive on diverse experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds. Everyone deserves a voice, respect, access to resources, and opportunities to make a difference.

the Rotunda difference

Our firm isn’t limited to putting out the fires in front of us. With an approach that is problem-centric, technology-independent, and centered around systemic and long-term value, we ensure that what we are providing the best solutions to boost the success, knowledge, and understanding of our clients and partners.

Big Impacts, Small Town Roots - With large aspirations and a work ethic cultivated from humble beginnings, our company is a meticulously executed passion project that has thrived through collaboration and determination. We now drive change at the highest echelons of the Federal government, private industry, and academia.
Guided by strong values and a mission of social responsibility, we use Systems Thinking and scientific applications of next-gen technology to ensure we are solving the right problems in the right way.
We promote collaboration and inclusion through global partnerships.
Our research spans finance, consumer behavior, supply chain, bioinformatics, and environmental science.
Our broad and deep expertise in analytics and complex systems lets us tackle problems across industries, applications, and fields of study.
With an approach that is problem-centric and technology-independent, our iterative, stagewise delivery ensures quick value and faster implementation, with continuous evolution based on feedback of the system.
We are focused on people, solutions, and lasting impacts.

our team

We are powered, led, and inspired by a team of inquisitive and open-minded problem solvers who leave preconceptions at the door, tackle problems from all angles, and share solutions in terms that our clients can understand and embrace. Below are some of our valued colleagues and their stories.

Hunter Moore, researcher Headshot

Hunter Moore, researcher

Hunter Moore brings a unique array of expertise to the table through experiences in various fields of work including R&D, manufacturing, design, and academia, each with a variety of interesting projects. These professional exposures have provided Hunter with the foundations required to truly understand the project process from back of the envelope ideology through optimized manufacturing and the dissemination of results to both technical and non-technical audiences. Hunter uses this distinctive skillset both in his role as the Principal Researcher in Rotunda's Research, Analytics, and Innovation Lab (RAIL) where he serves as the lead for Rotunda's research efforts, as well as in his role as a Senior Data Scientist at the Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center where he oversees analytics strategies and the launching of new lines of efforts. Hunter's recent experience includes efforts with the Defense Innovation Board (DIB), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO), and commercial corporations, involving projects in fleet management, human systems, smart battlefield and smart warfighter studies, finance, and cybersecurity.

Claire Lee, business architect Headshot

Claire Lee, business architect

Claire Lee represents a wealth of well-rounded experience across fields of academia and industry. She holds a Master of Public Health in Toxicology from the University of Michigan, with additional accolades in international security from Stanford University, and a prominent professional tenure as a principal regulatory toxicologist, in which she directed and conducted scientific literature reviews, risk assessments, and regulatory compliance determinations to FDA and EU legislation. Currently, as a lead business architect and certified program manager, Claire leverages her skills to drive Rotunda's clients to strategic use of big data, implementation of best practices, and systems that promote sustained data collection, maintenance, and interoperability. Her added studies in artificial intelligence implications for business strategy firm her role as a forward-thinker among her peers. When Claire is not collaborating closely with her teammates and customers or heading operations in Rotunda's Analytics and Innovation Lab (RAIL), she enjoys spending time with her "fabulously photogenic" dog and baking French pastries and bread.