Mission Statement

The RAIL aims to bridge original discovery and efficient execution into real-word scenarios. With expertise in systems engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, the RAIL works with its vast network of subject matter experts in cybersecurity, sports analytics, environmental science, among other fields. The RAIL’s research efforts result in publications of peer-reviewed academic articles, industrial white papers, participations at national and international conferences—at both the academic and industrial level—and direct work with clients.


In addition to its network of subject matter experts across academia, industry, and federal governmental institutions, the RAIL can count on research and development staff, engineers, scientists, and statisticians working both full-time within the RAIL as well as within the larger Rotunda Solutions organization. This unique positioning allows the RAIL to sit at the intersection of original research undertaken by universities and industrial think-tanks, and real-world implementation. Its tool agnostic, systems methodology to problem solving allows the RAIL to approach its clients and research in a top-down manner allowing for true understanding of the problem at hand. This allows the issue to be resolved in a way which fits in with broader mission objectives, previous/current/future efforts, and in a manner which creates a more efficient workflow for both the organization as well as all direct and indirect stakeholders.

Uniquely Qualified

The RAIL sits at the intersection of fundamental research and practical implementation, employing engineers and scientists who straddle both the academic and the industrial world and understand the intricacies of each


The RAIL takes a tool-agnostic systems approach to problem solving and research


The RAIL prides itself on both client work and publication of peer-reviewed journal articles, industrial whitepapers, and presentation at national and international conferences


The RAIL sits at the intersection of rigorous fundamental research and efficient practical implementation. This intersection provides the RAIL with the unique ability to develop research content based on industrial needs and implement proven, cutting-edge theory into real-world problems. RAIL team members find themselves publishing in peer-review journals, presenting at academic and industrial conferences, and sitting at the table with clients.

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by the numbers

  • 10 lines of effort
  • 1 published peer-reviewed journals
  • 7 conference presentations

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